Pour the screed on the balcony

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It is time to renew the floor on your balcony and you have chosen a screed flooring. Now all you have to do is learn how to masterfully create such a screed floor.

At the moment there are wooden floorboards on your balcony floor, which you have covered with green artificial turf because that wood looks ugly. However, you have not made the perfect choice with the artificial turf, as it does not dry that quickly and you have to constantly vacuum it with the vacuum cleaner. All of this annoys you and that is why you have finally decided on a floor covering. This can be easily swept away and quick drying when wet is also given.

The preparatory work on the balcony for the new flooring

  1. First of all, it is important to keep the old one Flooring to remove from the balcony and to clean it well.
  2. Now first measure the balcony in order to be able to build a frame with the correct dimensions from natural wood.
  3. Build the frame so that it fits perfectly around the entire balcony. Because you will pour the screed into it at a later point in time.
  4. For example, if you want to pour a 4 cm thick layer of screed on the balcony, then roof battens are ideal as frame wood, as the wide side is 4 cm. The amount of battens depends on the size of the balcony.
  5. Screed drying time was not respected - you can do that

    There are certain types of work when building or renovating that require times ...

  6. Once you have built the frame on the balcony, pouring the screed can begin.

Pour the floor properly with screed

  1. A tip in advance: pouring the floor screed is easier if you have another person to help. One of you can touch the screed and the other can pour the finished screed into the frame on the balcony. It is definitely faster.
  2. Have a bucket of screed finished for you. In the time in which you pour out the contents of the bucket on the balcony and distribute it, you can already have the second bucket with screed mixed for you.
  3. Pour enough screed into the frame so that it is slightly higher than the wooden frame.
  4. When you have finished pouring, put on your rubber boots and use the straightedge to smooth the screed.
  5. The width of the straight edge should be large enough to fit on the wooden frame. The new flooring is ready.

During the drying phase, just make sure not to step on the surface and keep it wet. If it dries too quickly, cracks can occur in the screed.

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