Do skylights require a permit?

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A roof window beautifies many attic floors and gives you more light in the interior. However, you shouldn't put it in without first finding out if it requires approval. How to check whether your roof windows require a permit is explained below.

Check whether skylights are subject to approval in your state.
Check whether skylights are subject to approval in your state.

Before you get started and have structural changes made to your house, you should first find out whether roof windows require a permit. If this is the case and you do not receive a permit, you will incur considerable costs. Avoid this.

Check whether skylights are subject to approval

  • First you should check whether it is subject to approval in your state to install skylights. You can easily read about this in the respective state building regulations of your state. You can do this, for example, on the website of the Building regulations to do.
  • In some federal states, skylights only require a permit if they exceed a certain size; in other federal states, skylights of any size require a permit. Check this beforehand. Anyone who plans to hire an architect for their project can also ask the architect to find out whether a permit is required.
  • If you have now found out that the roof windows require a permit in your state, please contact an architect. The architect will then advise you and put together the necessary documents with you. He will also sign your building application.
  • Submit the building application to the building authorities and wait for the decision.
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  • Only start after you have received the positive notification to have the roof windows that require approval installed.

Have skylights installed

  • In order to have skylights installed, you absolutely need an architect. The architect will then check whether the roof's statics are at risk and plan the construction of the roof windows. It does not matter whether the roof windows are subject to approval or not.
  • Do not try to install the skylights yourself. They could damage your roof which are very expensive to repair.
  • Work with the architect to find roof windows that suit your personal taste. You can choose whether you prefer a wooden frame or an aluminum frame.

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