Choose the desired number at FONIC

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At FONIC you can choose a desired number under certain conditions or, better said, you can take your old phone number with you. You only have to pay a little attention to this.

Basic information on the desired number at FONIC

  • You must first become a FONIC customer before you can request the number you want. Your FONIC SIM card must be activated and you must have registered.
  • In order to get your old number, it must be released by the previous provider with whom you had the number. Without this approval, you cannot get the number you want.
  • After your FONIC SIM card has been registered, all you have to do is log into FONIC. In the menu item "My Fonic" you will find the sub-item number portability. Select this point and follow the instructions on the page.

FONIC does not charge any fees if you request the desired number, but your old provider may charge a fee for the release.

This is how you can get the old number free

  • If you had a fixed-term contract with the old provider, you have to terminate it with the provider. Get confirmation of the termination. You can now apply for a number to be transferred. Note that this is only possible if the contract has a maximum of 120 days. You can apply for this within 30 days of the end of the contract. So you cannot get the desired number from FONIC if the previous contract is still running for more than 120 days or if it expired more than 30 days ago.
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  • If you want to take a pre-paid number with you, you must submit a waiver to the previous provider. A period of 30 days also applies here. If the declaration is older than 30 days, FONIC can no longer enter this desired number.

The period of 30 days for taking a desired number with you depends on the fact that after the waiver or the number is generally released again after the end of the contract, i.e. no longer reserved for you is.

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