UMTS network coverage from Vodafone

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If you want to use the mobile Internet via Vodafone, for example via a web stick, you should first check the network coverage of the UMTS signal. This is especially useful when you travel a lot and need the Internet.

Verification of network coverage via provider
Verification of network coverage via provider

Despite Vodafone's good network expansion, there are still regions in Germany where UMTS is not available. You can easily check whether this is the case for you in the network coverage map on the provider's website. Here you also have the option of checking the availability for your location by entering the address.

UMTS network coverage in Germany

  • Mobile Internet via UMTS is 80% available in Germany via Vodafone. However, if your location belongs to the remaining 20%, it makes little sense to use Vodafone.
  • You can usually find the network coverage of the respective providers on their website. In this way, you can check the availability of a so-called web stick before purchasing a so-called web stick and thus decide on the right partner.

Check Vodafone network coverage

  1. The fastest and easiest way to check the UMTS network coverage is via the website of Vodafone. Here you will first see a map of Germany on which the regions in which UMTS is available are highlighted in pink.
  2. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in on the map to see the region in question enlarged. To find out whether the connection is available at a certain location, you should use the option of entering an address.
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  4. To do this, first enter the postcode, then the town and then the street. Enter the house number in the second input field and then click on "Check".
  5. A list now appears as to whether UMTS is available. A distinction is also made between "in the house" and "outside". It may happen that no UTMS is available at the desired address, but three according to the map Houses further availability is given, so you can be lucky and still use UMTS can.

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