The early bird catches the worm

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"The morning hour has gold in its mouth" - this saying also applies to many professions in which work begins very early. Therefore, if you have no problems getting up early, or even love it, you have some career options.

Not for late risers - work in the bakery

You shouldn't belong to the night owls if you want to delight other people with freshly baked goods in the morning, because you are already on your feet when the night owls go to bed.

  • One of the best-known early bird occupations is that of the baker. Your starts as a baker working time between one and four o'clock at night, so that when the bakeries open, fresh baked goods can be offered. Other regulations apply to trainees under the age of 18; in accordance with the Youth Labor Protection Act, they may only start at five or six in the morning - this also depends on age. As a baker, you not only make bread, rolls, biscuits and sweet pastries, you also need the necessary ingredients accept and store, sometimes also order as well as prepare the trays, devices and machines for baking and later clean. Since you start early, you also end work early, either in the morning or in the early afternoon, depending on how you start working.
  • As a pastry chef, you don't have to get up that early. In pastry shops, working hours often don't start until six in the morning. Judging by the fact that in many professions you start at half past seven at the earliest, that is still early. For this, you usually have to go to work in the afternoon. If you have technical and creative talent for this job, then it can be a real dream job, because you not only bake and decorate cakes from nut to cake multi-tier wedding cake, you also make desserts, chocolates, chocolate or marzipan figures, ice cream and small pastries, although you often have a task in large companies need to restrict.
  • You also have to be an early riser if you work as a specialist salesperson in a bakery, because bakeries often open between six and seven o'clock. This means that in some businesses you have to line up at five, because when the first customer enters the shop, the goods must already have been cleared. You often have to prepare sandwiches and other breakfast snacks. The main tasks are sales and advice. You are usually also responsible for decorating the shop space. Since the sales department usually works in shifts, you don't always have to get up early either work from early morning to noon or they start in the morning or noon and work until in the evening.

Butchers also often have to get up early

In addition to bakeries and pastry shops, many other establishments and establishments have activities for early risers.

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  • Sometimes you have to get up early as a butcher, although it depends on where you work. They can be employed in slaughterhouses, butcher shops or in meat processing companies. In meat processing, the shift can start late in the evening, but it often starts early in the morning from one o'clock in the morning. The day often starts at five or six in the morning in butchers or meat shops. The end of the day depends on how early you start. As for the baker's apprenticeship butchers who are younger than 18, the Youth Labor Protection Act applies.
  • Even if you are training to be a hotel or restaurant specialist and are later responsible for the breakfast service in overnight accommodation, for example, you must not shy away from getting up early. Your day will often start between five and six in the morning. You not only have to set up the buffet, but also look after it during breakfast time. Of course, you can also go to other areas of the hotel with a later start of work, but you must be aware that the working hours are always irregular in gastronomy.
  • Many other jobs require you to get up early, even if often not every day, because they are carried out in shifts. These professions include, among other things, the care professions, activities as drivers of buses, trains or trains as well as some sales activities. In addition to the bakeries already mentioned, you also have to start early in wholesale market halls, train station or airport shops, for example.
  • Some early bird jobs can bring you financial advantages, because the legislature regulates that night work is allowed between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m., in bakeries and pastry shops between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., provide adequate compensation got to. If you work more than two hours within this period, the entire working time is considered night work. How you are compensated for the nightly work in detail, whether you have additional days off or one The contract is, however, dependent on the collective bargaining agreements and can vary depending on the industry and federal state differentiate.

If you don't mind getting up early, you not only have a few professions to choose from, but often also a good chance of finding a job, precisely because you don't have gold in your mouth for every hour of the morning.

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