VIDEO: Make your own chain

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Making paper chains is so easy that you probably only need to show your child how it works once. Then they can continue to tinker the chain themselves. If your child is still too young to be allowed to cut with scissors on their own, you can also cut the paper beforehand and then let your child glue the chain together.

Make a chain out of paper - that's how it works

  • Cut a narrow strip of paper, put it in a ring and glue it together.
  • Then cut off the next strip of paper and put it in a ring again, leading it through the first paper ring. Then glue the second paper ring shut as well.
  • This creates a paper chain. The length of the individual paper strips determines the size of the "chain links". Either cut them all the same or vary the size. That makes the chain more interesting.
  • The same goes for the paper colors. There are no limits to your imagination. Either make a one-color chain, or you can use different colors.
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  • By the way, you can use gold paper to make paper chains as decorations for the Christmas tree or for the windows. With gold foil, however, it is better if you glue the chain links together with scotch tape, as glue attacks the surface of most gold foils.