How much do you earn as a psychologist?

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Are you studying psychology, are you very interested in the subject and can well imagine working as a psychologist in the future? However, you don't know how much you earn as a psychologist in Germany?

How much do you earn as a psychologist

  • As a psychologist with a bachelor's degree, you earn an average of 2,289 to 2,689 euros in the first year in Germany. In the second year it can be 2,537 to 2,982 euros. With a master's or Diploma degree is that salary even higher: in the first year it is 3,109 euros, in the second year 3,448 euros. How much you actually earn, of course, also depends on where and for whom you work - that is, whether you work in a counseling institution, in a hospital, in assisted living, in an emergency service Etc.
  • As a psychologist, if you have the appropriate qualifications and aptitude, you can also work as a lecturer or Professor working in schools. The state or institution also determines the salary here. How much you earn there as a psychologist also depends on how long you have worked for the institute, university, technical college, etc. are active. The longer you are there, the higher your salary can be.
  • Should you be as freelancer work and z. B. If you have your own practice or work in a group practice, you are responsible for your own salary. The more clients or As a result, the more patients you have, the more you earn.

What can you do with psychology

  • If you have studied psychology and "only" that Bachelor then you can "only" take part in counseling - this means that you act as an advisor on psychological matters. Should you have completed the master’s degree or Being a qualified psychologist means more doors are open to you. As mentioned before, you can go to hospitals, psychiatry, day centers for follow-up care, etc. work. As mentioned above, how much you earn here depends on the institution and its laws.
  • As a psychologist, you can also work as a freelancer. In order to be able to go specifically in the therapeutic direction here, however, you have to do additional training. Training as a psychotherapist is here, for example. B. an option - this depends entirely on your interests, your suitability. Your age and your self-awareness. As you probably already suspect, you earn more money here through the additional qualification. The salary is roughly estimated between 3,372 and 4,131 euros - these figures apply if you are a senior psychological psychotherapist or work as a head psychotherapist.
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  • In Germany there is also the option without the previous one studies to train as a psychotherapist. According to the Heilpraktikergesetz (Heilpraktikergesetz), this is then a psychotherapist - this must always be clearly stated on your business card or practice board. How much you earn here also depends entirely on you, should you become self-employed.

If you think that being a psychologist is not making as much as you might have hoped, don't let the numbers put you off. Obviously you are interested in the subject and it is important to you to help people. Then don't let that stop you - if you really like something, then you will do your best and you will be successful.

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