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Take the width measurements in a square room

  • If your room is rectangular, you can easily determine the length and width of the room. This makes calculating the square meters very easy.
  • In order to measure the room as precisely as possible, you should measure it where none furniture stand. If necessary, you should put annoying furniture to one side.
  • You need a place where you can measure the width from one wall to the opposite without being disturbed.
  • To measure, lay the folding rule on the floor, fully unfolded. Hold it against a wall and mark where it goes. From there, measure again to the opposite wall and add both values ​​for the width together, for example 3.20 m.
  • For the length, measure the other side of the room in the same way. Here, for example, you have a value of 4.80 m.
  • Length Width Height - this is how you practice calculating areas and solids

    Many people perceive mathematics as not application-related and very abstract, ...

  • To calculate the square meters, multiply both values ​​together, i.e. 3.20 m * 4.80 m = 15.36 m².

Calculate square meters based on several lengths

If your room is not rectangular but has an angle, you will need to repeat the procedure twice.

  1. Think of the largest possible rectangle in the room and measure it without taking into account the remaining protruding corner of the room. As an example, you have 3 meters for the width and 4 meters for the length.
  2. To do this, measure the remaining small rectangle that represents the corner of the room, for example 1.20 m by 2 m.
  3. Multiply the values ​​together, i.e. 3 m * 4 m = 12 m² and also 1.20 m * 2 m = 2.40 m².
  4. Finally, add the two values ​​together to get the total square footage of your room. So 12 m² + 2.40 m² = 14.40 m². Your room has a floor area of ​​14.40 m².
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