Radio frequencies in Baden-Württemberg

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In order to be able to tune into the correct stations, you need the radio frequencies of the respective transmission areas, such as Baden-Württemberg. It's easy if you keep a few things in mind.

With the right radio frequency, you can find your station.
With the right radio frequency, you can find your station.

What you need:

  • Internet
  • Overview table of the radio frequencies of the broadcasters

The radio frequencies vary regionally

  • The radio frequencies are always slightly different from region to region, not only in Baden Württemberg, but also in the others Federal states, so you may sometimes need a different wavelength depending on how close you are to the transmitter when you are in the car on the way.
  • With the modern radios, however, you only need to enter the number that is appropriate in your current location, the The device then always searches for the wavelength at which the station you want can be received in the best possible way can.
  • If you live close to the border with a federal state other than Baden Württemberg, it may be that you get better radio frequencies from other stations, from Bavaria, for example. You should find out more about this on the pages of VHF frequency lists for the neighboring countries.

There is a large selection of channels in Baden Württemberg

  • Now when you look at the list of Radio frequencies for Baden Württemberg open, you will see that a long table awaits you. Here you first have to choose which station you would like to have and secondly search for your location.
  • The radio frequencies differ depending on the location and strength of the transmitter, especially if, for example, there is a mountain in between.
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  • With the broadcasters in Baden Württemberg you have a large selection, while the large broadcasters, such as SWR3, can be found anywhere in the state are received, there are also small, less well-known people whom you may only receive in a very limited area can. These are mostly new scene channels that are not (yet) accessible to a wide audience, or not very much special stations, for example, only certain types of music, such as classic or Deutsche Welle send.
  • The big broadcasters also provide you with news, advertisements and traffic jam reports, which is why it makes sense to have one to program such, especially if you drive a lot, because here you always hear the latest news News.
  • In addition, look for a list from the neighboring federal states and look for the ones that you can get in with the best quality depending on the location.
  • Bear in mind that reception can sometimes deteriorate if, for example, strong thunderstorms can cause atmospheric disturbances.

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