Decorate dark brown hair with light brown strands

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Dark brown hair is often given light brown highlights. When decorating, however, you should pay attention to a few points, as it can quickly look ugly.

Dark brown hair looks really good with light brown highlights.
Dark brown hair looks really good with light brown highlights. © korkey / Pixelio

General information about dark brown hair

  • Dark brown hair have around 65% of the people on earth. These can appear in the most varied of nuances and offer a special variety of colors, which can also trigger reflections with the help of sunlight. People with dark brown hair usually also have dark eyes and a darker skin tone than blondes.
  • The hair structure is often twice as thick as that of blondes. Instead, blonde hair is more densely populated on the scalp. Many people have their naturally blonde hair dyed brown. This often leads to the headdress appearing particularly fluffy and light. It is best to seek advice from a hairdresser for these cases.
  • At a hairdresser, you can have your dark mane, the light brown highlights or strands, colored. These are very modern and available in all colors. The light brown strands are usually worked into dark hair with the help of a lightening agent.

Tips on light brown strands

  • Make sure you have your dark brown hair colored by a hairdresser. Light brown strands can only be created with a bleaching or gentle lightening. At home, this could cause a different shade to form than you would hope for. This can be simplified with professional help.
  • The light brown strands can be in different Tones to be worked into dark brown hair. Broad strands are often better than narrow ones. Do not choose large color differences, as this can quickly look unnatural.
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  • Attached further back Highlights look more natural, especially on dark hair. Only dye the top hair. This way you don't damage your entire mane.
  • The light brown stripes can also go blonde. It is best to color these with strands of foil and the warming hood, as this allows the color pigments to penetrate the structure better.

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