What teases each other loves each other

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The relationship partner is the most important person in most people's lives. You share your thoughts and your life with him or her. You go through good and bad times with your partner, argue and get along. A relationship enriches life in many ways. Especially when it comes to fun. It is good to joke and laugh with your partner according to the motto "What teases each other loves each other". However, caution should be exercised when it comes to teasing the other. That can backfire once in a while.

What teases each other loves each other, but has to reckon with a return coach.
What teases each other loves each other, but has to reckon with a return coach.

What you need:

  • Sensitivity
  • Knowledge of the partner

Everyone has quirks and quirks and, especially in relationships, these come to light sooner or later. Again and again you are confronted with your partner's quirks and have to deal with them, just as your partner has to deal with your quirks. Small teasing can be done in a humorous way according to the motto "What teases itself loves itself" Bring these individual behaviors into conversation or make the partner aware of them do.

The right situation to lovingly tease your partner

  • However, lovingly teasing your partner can go wrong if the timing is wrong. If you and your partner are in an argument, it is not beneficial, e.g. B. being amused by the way he or she is always rubbing his or her hair through.
  • Nor if your partner comes home tired and exhausted or is irritated by your teasing anyway. It is also dangerous to try to cheer up your partner with teasing in times of sadness or anger. He or she can quickly get this wrong.
  • And on official occasions, a beloved tease can quickly be understood as a "stab in the back". If you show a little sensitivity and know your partner, then it will not be difficult for you to get the situation right. Often times, your own gut feeling is also helpful.
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The right words for teasing

  • Make sure you choose the right words. You want to tease your partner in a loving way and not offend or hurt. The mental belt line is in a different place for every person, every person has a different sense of humor.
  • Before teasing your partner, you should know where his or her emotional pain threshold is and what words he or she may find derogatory or hurtful. Just because you yourself are perhaps endowed with a large dose of black humor and are not offended if someone acts in a very rough manner, e.g. B. Makes fun of you doesn't mean that your partner does the same.

Knowing when it is enough with "what teases itself loves itself"

  • What teases each other loves each other. But keep in mind that whoever is serving has to take it too. The return coach can come faster than you think. If your partner counters, don't take it hard or be offended, after all, you were the person who started.
  • Just as you need to know in which situation you can lovingly tease your partner with which words, without him or her feels hurt, it is important that you can assess when the teasing is enough and the situation is uncomfortable - or worse - ends. So, pay close attention to your partner's behavior when you are teasing him or her. As soon as he or she becomes angry or withdraws, stop the teasing.
  • There are topics that are particularly sensitive and where you should exercise the greatest caution, even in the case of loving teasing: Everything for which Your partner is proud or what he or she values ​​very highly should be given special attention by you, as well as what he or she puts a lot of effort into Has.

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