VIDEO: Paint by numbers and your own photo

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Prepare for painting by numbers

Painting by numbers, in which you use your own photo, is offered in a complete package.

  1. Before you can start painting, it is necessary to find your own photo on glossy paper. No more than two people may be shown.
  2. Send the photo together with the voucher from the Sales pack to the specified address.
  3. After a short time you will receive the coloring template and the appropriate accessories to paint your own photo as an acrylic painting with paint by number.

Draw your own photo using a template with numbers

The complete pack contains all the materials to use painting by numbers to paint your own photo as an acrylic color picture.

Do it yourself painting by numbers

Painting by numbers is a ...

  • You paint the picture in black and white. When painting by numbers, your own photo is divided into the smallest fields in which the numbers of the acrylic colors are indicated.
  • The numbered pots of paint contain water-soluble and odor-free acrylic paints that you can use to color in your own photo. A fine painting brush is included in the complete package for this purpose.
  • If you have mistakenly painted over a field while painting by numbers, you can find the necessary number on an attached second template and correct the mistake.
  • The linen-structured cardboard is 30 x 40 cm in size. So plan for your own Photo by Number photo to take some time.
  • The complete package does not contain a picture frame. For your own photo, which you have transformed into an acrylic painting by painting by numbers, you can hang it up in a removable frame with a glass front.
  • If you want to use a picture frame without glass, it is necessary to protect the acrylic picture from dust with artist lacquer and to maintain the color fastness.
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