7.5 ton truck: loading area

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Do you have to move soon and are you wondering whether a Mercedes Sprinter offers enough space? The alternative would be a 7.5 ton truck. This offers a much larger loading area. However, you must have obtained a special truck driver's license or still have the old driver's license (class 3) that entitles you to drive such a truck.

Advantages of the 7.5 tonne truck when moving

A 7.5 ton truck can be indispensable when moving a large amount of household goods. Especially when you have to transport a lot of bulky furniture such as sofa landscapes, armchairs or several electrical devices at the same time. With additional space, you don't have to squeeze your furniture like that, i. That is to say, the risk of damage that can easily occur during the transport of the objects is reduced.

  • You can rent a 7.5-ton truck from Europcar, for example. Book a truck right away and you will usually have less stress. The Mercedes Sprinter are in great demand for removals and therefore sold out relatively quickly.
  • Or you stand empty-handed on the day of the move, despite the car you have booked, because the vehicle was not returned the evening before. Therefore, always have an alternative ready (e.g. B. other providers such as Hertz or Sixt).
  • Another advantage is that the loading area of ​​the truck is significantly larger - compared to the Mercedes Sprinter.

Data about the loading area

  • Certainly there are different sizes for 7.5 tonners. Very often, as in the Europcar range, you will find vehicles with a loading area of ​​around 6 meters in length. Width and height are about 2.5 meters, so you have a total of about 35 m3 Loading volume come.
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  • You can already transport a lot with it; this corresponds to a space of 15 euro pallets.
  • Before booking the 7.5-tonne vehicle, note that you will not be able to use this vehicle with the normal one driver's license class B, but must have a truck driver's license. Unless you still have the old class 3 driver's license that entitles you to drive the van.

As you can see, you can handle a big move with a 7.5 ton truck. All you need is a few helpers to carry your things. (All information: as of 07/2013)

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