Parcel thrown in the mailbox with insufficient postage

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If you put a package with insufficient postage in the mailbox, you should take steps to ensure that the underpaid item does not find its way back to you.

The recipient can iron out your mistake.
The recipient can iron out your mistake.

A parcel with insufficient postage will still be delivered

There is a package or Parcel transport the possibility to send such as "unfree", which means as much as not franked. These parcels are then handed over to the addressee upon delivery only against payment of the delivery fee that then becomes due.

  • In the event that you only notice after you have thrown the parcel in the mailbox that you have insufficient postage for your shipment you only have the option of contacting the recipient of the parcel and informing them of your mishap set.
  • The addressee of your parcel is thus prepared for the request that the deliverer will make to him and could interpret the postage due for you and your mistake would be cleared. You would then only have to reimburse the addressee for his expenses and the shipment would have arrived at its destination.

Everything that ends up in the mailbox goes to the sorting center

  • If you should now get the idea to wait for the mailbox to be emptied in order to get your parcel - because it is not sufficiently franked - you will be in vain to request it to be returned wait.
  • The person who is in charge of emptying the mailboxes is not authorized to give you the parcel back, no matter how well you can describe it to him. If she did it anyway, she would even make herself liable to prosecution, as this would violate data protection. When searching for your shipment, other recipient and sender addresses would inevitably be read, and this would be because it It is nobody's business who sends mail to whom, an act that is punishable by law and that definitely affects the person concerned would cost.
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  • So clarify the matter with the recipient of the parcel. Should this namely refuse to accept, your shipment would come back to you and you would have to Pay twice the distance that your mailing has now traveled to get your mailing get back.

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