'Heroes of the City' by Kristina Dunker

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The youth novel "Heroes of the City" by Kristina Dunker is a good summary when it comes to the lives of young people. With the book she hit the pulse of the times: A group of young people spends a lot of time together and is always looking for an adventure.

A playground plays a role in Kristina Dunker's summary of " Heroes of the City".
A playground plays a role in Kristina Dunker's summary of "Heroes of the City".

Summary "Heroes of the City" by Kristina Dunker

  • as summary of the book "Heroes of the City" by the author Kristina Dunker, it must be said that this is about a youth clique who live in a big city. The clique is made up of the main protagonist Vivi, her friend Mone and the boys Olli, Hendrik, Sven and Metan.
  • Together they are looking for the super kick. The clique's meeting point is the playground, where they always meet and spend time. There they also make plans for what could bring the super kick.
  • One activity that the group may choose to do is bungee jumping. The main character does not want to jump because they are scared and the money is too good for them. But she cannot resist peer pressure. However, she then jumps because she decides for herself and does not want to be pushed by a group member. She is particularly afraid of Olli, another member of the group, with whom she had a relationship. In the end, she doesn't regret the jump because it gave her a super kick.
  • After the jump, the group meets in the playground. Olli has a book on extreme sports so the group can see what they can do next.
  • Another afternoon the playground is the meeting point. There the group listens to music. Out of boredom, the group goes to the train station to look for another kick: They lie down close to the edge of the platform. With this they want to invent a new extreme sport.
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The search for the adventures

  • The scene at the train station follows the playground again. The group decides to go to the old factory to get on the flat roof and do inline skating there. Vivi doesn't want to go up on the roof because the rusty ladder seems too dangerous to her. But even in this situation she cannot stand up to the pressure of the group.
  • But on the way there, the group experiences a real adventure in the S-Bahn. There they stand up for a girl who is molested by a group of young men. The clique is afraid, but can successfully deter the group. But the joy of success is short-lived, because the group of young men seeks revenge on the group and comes to the factory floor. There the clique experiences a real adventure, where they are afraid of death.
  • In summary, it must be said that the main themes in Kristina Dunker's book "Heroes of the City" are "boredom", "adventure" but also "first love". The book is easier to understand language written and builds tension in the adventure situations that captivates the reader. In addition to the major events that the clique experienced, the book also describes topics that are a part of it in the life of adolescents are, for example, "love", "quarreling with parents" or "the best." Girlfriend".

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