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At the birthday party you cheered on your uncle and are wondering whether you should still drive home with your own car. It is helpful at this crucial moment to find out which formula you can use to calculate your blood alcohol level.

Driving a taxi is cheaper than driving a ban.
Driving a taxi is cheaper than driving a ban. © J.Bredehorn / Pixelio

What you need:

  • Per mille calculator
  • Formula for BAK calculation

The exact determination of blood alcohol is a scientifically complex matter. You can only roughly calculate your own blood alcohol (BAC). In no way rely on the result and, if in doubt, leave your car behind.

Blood alcohol builds up faster than it breaks down

  • Several factors affect your blood alcohol. You have to take into account the type and alcohol content of the drink, the alcohol breakdown, absorption deficits, your gender and your physical constitution.
  • The absorption deficit means that high-percentage alcohol (schnapps) is absorbed faster, i.e. gets into the blood, than low-percentage alcohol (beer, wine).
  • Your food intake is also important. If you eat richly at the same time, the end of resorption will take up to 2 hours.
  • Alcohol is broken down more slowly in women than in men.
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The police use the following formula

  • The police calculate your blood alcohol as follows: First of all, it can generally be assumed that you break down 0.1 per mille of alcohol in your blood every hour. This value corresponds to judicial practice. The first 2 hours after drinking are generally excluded from the retrospective calculation.
  • This results in the following formula: Alcohol in the offense = per mille of currently measured BAK times hours (between drunk driving and alcohol measurement) - 2 hours.
  • Example: If the police find a BAK value of 0.5 per mille 9 hours after their drunk driving, the calculated using the following formula: Alcohol in the offense = 0.5 + 0.1 × 7 (9 hours minus 2 hours absence from absorption) = 1.2 per mille BAK.
  • If it comes to the question of whether you were guilty at the time of your drunk driving, the bill looks different. The hourly reduction in your blood alcohol is set at 0.2 per mille in your favor, a waiting period is not taken into account and a safety surcharge of 0.2 per mille is granted.
  • The calculation is then as follows: Alcohol of culpability = 0.5 per mille + 0.2 x 9 h + 0.2 safety surcharge = 2.5 per mille BAK.
  • With 2.5 per mille you are in the range of limited debt capacity, which begins at 2.0 per mille. From 3.0 per mille, there is absolute incapacity.

Calculate roughly your BAK

  • Otherwise, try calculating your blood alcohol levels at the point where you have drunk the most alcohol as follows. You calculate 80% of your body weight and divide the amount of alcohol consumed in grams by this value in kilograms. Then you will get roughly the blood alcohol concentration in parts per thousand.
  • Assuming that beer has 5% alcohol, you will have 20.0 g of alcohol in your blood if you drink 500 ccm. If you weigh 75 kg, your blood alcohol is 0.26 per mille.
  • Assume that alcohol, even in large quantities, will break down after approx. 1 h completely passed into the blood. Conversely, the body builds alcohol only slowly with approx. 0.1 per thousand per hour again.

This is what the alcohol limits look like

  • From 1.1 per thousand it is irrefutably presumed that you are unfit to drive. Expect a heavy fine or a prison sentence of up to one year in Recurrence as well as with the withdrawal of the driving license of at least six months and with seven Points in Flensburg.
  • With a blood alcohol of 0.5 - 1.09 per mille you commit an administrative offense, which is punished with a fine, a driving ban and 4 points in Flensburg.
  • From 0.3 per mille you have to judge with consequences under traffic law if you commit driving errors. You can even face a traffic fine like driving a drunkenness of 1.1 per mille or more.
  • If you are mentally able to do so, you can get one on the Internet too Per mille calculator use it to calculate your blood alcohol level.

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