VIDEO: Prepare goose breast in a Römertopf - this is how it works

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The preparation of a goose breast in the Römertopf is child's play and prepared with apples and onions is a real pleasure. You don't even need a lot of time in the kitchen and conjure up a delicious dinner in just a few steps.

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How to prepare a goose breast in a Roman pot

  1. First you need to bring your roman pot with you water to fill.
  2. Now you should start peeling the two apples. Then you need to divide them into four and remove the cores.
  3. Now, after you've peeled it, cut the onion into four.
  4. Now you can put the fine goose breast with the apples and onions in the Römertopf.
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  6. Now season the goose breast with herbs from Provence. You should use at least a teaspoon or a little more, depending on how big the goose breast is. Now salt and pepper all of the food so that it is well spiced everywhere. You can still use some chicken seasoning. This is great for goose legs. If you don't have any Provence herbs on hand, you could use marjoram and thyme as an alternative. This ensures a very aromatic, fine taste.
  7. Set your oven to 180 degrees and circulating air. Now put the Römertopf in the oven and let the goose breast for approx. 3 hours in the oven.
  8. You should remove the lid after 2 1/2 hours and see how crispy the goose legs are. Now you should remove the goose breast from the Roman pot and then take out both the apple and the onions. Pour the goose fat into the Roman pot. Now take the liquid and pour it into a saucepan. Now puree the liquid and heat it in the saucepan. You can thicken the sauce with sauce thickeners. Serve As a sauce with the goose breast.

as garnish red cabbage and dumplings are particularly suitable. Bon Appetit!

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