PS4 controller won't connect

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Even after more than a decade of existence, the PS4, along with its controller, remains a popular game console that is often found in households. However, occasionally the PS4 controller may not connect properly to the console, which can be frustrating. However, with these tips and tricks you can quickly solve the problem and get back to playing without restrictions.

Why is the PS4 controller not connecting to the PS4 console?

The PS4 controller not connecting to the console can have several reasons. One of the most common reasons is a simple communication problem between the controller and the PS4. This can be done on pdisturbances inwireless signal or the distance between the controller and the console is too great be attributed.

It is important to ensure that there are no obstacles between the controller and the console and that the controller batteries are sufficiently charged.

Another possible reason could be hardware problems, such as broken buttons or a damaged USB port on the controller. In this case, repair or replacement of the controller may be necessary.

Software issues caused by system updates or corrupted files can also cause the controller to fail to connect. It is advisable to ensure that both the console and controller are up to date. Any software problems that may exist should be resolved by restarting or resetting the controller.

This is how you reconnect the PS4 controller to the console

There are several approaches to fix your controller connection error. They can all lead to the goal, but until then you have to try them all out until you find the right path:

Gamecube controller doesn't respond - here's how to fix the problem

If the controller on Nintendo's Gamecube doesn't respond properly or stops responding at all, this can...

  • Restart the controller: Press the "PS" button on the controller and wait for it to turn on. Sometimes restarting the controller can solve the problem.
  • Restart the PS4 console: Go to the console and press the power button to turn off the PS4. Wait about 30 seconds and then turn the console back on. This can help troubleshoot connection issues.
  • Resetting the controller: There is a small hole on the back of the controller labeled with a reset button. Use a paper clip or thin pen to gently press this button for about 5 seconds. This will reset the controller to factory settings and require you to reconnect it to the console. It's best to use a charging cable first.
  • Check other sources of interference: Sometimes wireless sources of interference, such as microwaves or other electronic devices, can interfere with Bluetooth signals and cause the controller to be unable to connect. Make sure there are no such sources of interference near your console.
  • Test other controllers: If you have more than one PS4 controller, try connecting a different controller to your console. This can help determine whether the problem is with the controller itself or the console.
  • Delete Bluetooth connection: In your PS4's settings, go to the Bluetooth device list and delete any old controller connections. Then try connecting the controller again.
  • Update console: Make sure your PS4 console has the latest firmware version. Sometimes software updates can improve controller connectivity.

Connect via USB cable

If the controller doesn't work via Bluetooth, you can try connecting it to the console directly using a USB cable. Plug the cable into the controller and then into one of the USB ports on your PS4. Wait a moment for the connection to be established. However, sometimes a loose USB cable or a damaged cable can prevent the controller from connecting to the PS4. Make sure the USB cable is properly connected at both ends on both the controller and the console. If necessary, use a different cable.

If none of these steps really solve the problem and your controller still won't connect, it may be advisable to refer to the PlayStation Support or have your controller checked for hardware problems by a specialist. In 90% of cases, at least one of the steps mentioned above should lead to success and an unhindered gaming experience.

Just try everything until your PS4 controller becomes wireless again Bluetooth connection allows.

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