One Piece Tube: Is the service legal?

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One Piece is one of the most successful anime series of the last decades. Internationally since 1999 and in Germany since 2003, the adventures of the pirate troupe around Monkey D. Luffy fans of all ages. Unlike most blockbuster hits, One Piece is still ongoing, and there don't seem to be any plans to bring the story to a close any time soon.

Is the One Piece Tube service legal?

One Piece Tube has been a staple with fans of the series for many years. All episodes can be streamed there without any problems and free of charge. But not without reason the question arises as to whether such a service is legal. The answer is: yes.

One Piece Tube itself is illegal as the operators lack the rights to the content they make available. However, users move in a gray area. Since the episodes are only streamed, ergo: are not saved on the computer, users are not, strictly speaking, liable to prosecution. Such a streaming platform is, so to speak, the digital equivalent of a pirated copy.

However, since it is known that free streaming platforms are usually not legal, you should still refrain from using them. Not only can the legal situation change, in case of doubt, an indictment could be made despite everything, which causes a lot of trouble and can be expensive.

Of course, One Piece Tube is understandably popular. Fans can watch every new episode for free and promptly. However, the website has been shut down on a number of occasions, which can happen again at any time, so - legal concerns aside - it's advisable to look for alternatives.

What alternatives are there?

Fans of the series would do well to support the makers financially. This is how they show gratitude and also ensure that they don't run out of new content. The most obvious thing would be to buy the DVDs or Blu-Rays of the series. In this way you support the content creators and also have a copy that is also available in the event of an internet failure.

Legal alternatives to

In the course of technical developments in recent years, streaming portals on the Internet have...

If you still prefer to stream, you are well advised to subscribe to Pro Sieben MAXX. There One Piece can be streamed legally and without any problems - and the inventors still get a share.

If you speak English or prefer to watch the original Japanese anyway, you can also use the Crunchyroll platform. The current episodes of the hit series One Piece can also be streamed there. Most alternative streaming services come with a free trial, so you can see the quality and freshness before committing to a paid subscription.

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