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In 2015, a group of Danish founders wanted to contribute with the help of the app “too good to go”. contribute to reducing food waste in society - a success story?

What is too good to go?

The too good to go app was developed in Denmark in 2015 after one of the founders saw how after a Buffet leftover food was thrown away even though it was still intact and edible would be.

After edible food was saved from the bin for the first time via the app in 2016, the company now has almost 70 million users and 180,000 partners worldwide.

Who are partners?

Partners are companies from the food industry. Whether restaurants, bakeries or supermarkets, you can offer all unsold products in a so-called surprise bag at the end of the day. Customers can purchase these via the app at a reduced price compared to the normal price of the goods on sale and pick them up themselves within a specified time window.

They are called piñata because there is a colorful mixture of products left over after the shop has closed Bags end up and only then do the companies know what actually hasn't gone over the counter during the day and what's left is.

Who benefits?

“Too good to go” sees this as a “win-win-win situation”; consumers can be flawless Groceries buy cheaper and pay conveniently via the app.

Expired beer is so enjoyable

An expired best-before date means little when it comes to beer. It is seldom spoiled, only the...

Businesses have the opportunity to sell leftover products instead of throwing them away, thereby minimizing their losses, attracting new customers and doing positive PR for themselves.

Last but not least, “too good to go” also names the environment as a big winner. Resources would be conserved and fewer greenhouse gases would be released by burning the mountains of rubbish.

Is there “too good to go” in Germany?

The company team is constantly trying to increase awareness of the app and expand the offer to other countries. To date, "too good to go" is represented in 17 countries, including Germany, since the topic of food waste is not unknown here either. According to surveys by the Federal Statistical Office, around 11 million tons of food are thrown away in Germany every year.

In Germany, the company has around 7.7 million users who have already ordered 16 million unsold portions from a good 14,500 partners.

Participating companies can be found all over Germany, not just in big cities. To find an offer near you, you need to download the app and sign up. You can then select any location on the map where you want partners to appear and browse offers there.

How does the registration in the app work?

Now if you want to try the app, you need to download it from the Play Store first.

  1. When you open the app for the first time, you can choose to proceed via Google, Facebook, or email. Select the last field “continue via email”.
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  2. Now you have to accept the necessary cookies.
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  3. You will then be asked for your email address. Enter this and tick the box below. Only then can you tap on “next”.
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  4. Now you can select the country where you live or where you live. where you want to search for offers. Here you must also agree to the terms and conditions. Then you can continue by clicking on “Login”.
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  5. You will now be given a brief introduction to the app and the features it offers you. You can either read through these at your leisure or skip them at the top right.
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  6. In the last step you can decide whether you want to subscribe to the “too good to go” newsletter or not. Select the appropriate one here and your profile will then be created.
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