Car recycling for sale?

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If you find out there's a car dealership for sale, go for it. You can read about what needs to be considered and which requirements you have to meet here.

Car recycling breaks down cars into usable individual parts.
Car recycling breaks down cars into usable individual parts.

What you need:

  • a good start-up capital
  • business skills
  • ideally a completed apprenticeship as a car mechanic

Find an auto repair facility that is for sale

  • If you are looking for an auto repair facility for sale then do your research around your town and area. You will probably not find anything on the Internet. Alternatively, you may find something in your local press.
  • If you hear from friends and acquaintances that a car reclaimer is for sale, then you should get in touch Hurry, because there are not very many junkyards and the demand may therefore be high high.

Check the profitability in advance

  • Of course, the economy of car recycling is in the foreground. Before you really think about making a purchase, it is a good idea to have a look at the company's sales, income, and expenses.
  • It is essential to clarify things such as financing, taking over the material as well as the continued employment of the employees long before the contract is signed. That saves you unpleasant surprises.
  • In addition, factors such as regular customers, a good connection to the city and the existing machines also play a role. This gives rise to questions such as: Do you have enough regular customers? Do people find their way to you too? Are the machines old and do they have to be serviced? You should therefore compile your own questionnaire with such criteria.
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You must meet these requirements

  • Car recycling also means dealing with very strict environmental regulations. Old car batteries, used oil and other liquids must be stored and disposed of by a specialist company.
  • The documentation of purchased cars is also very important, as you have to issue proof of scrapping. You shouldn't underestimate the bureaucratic effort.

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