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An ODP file is an OpenDocument presentation that was created with OpenOffice. The free officesoftware is a good alternative for the paid one Office-Package from Microsoft, which among other things also offers word processing and spreadsheet software. To open an ODP file, you basically need the OpenOffice package. Alternatively, you can also use Microsoft's Office software if you have already installed it.

Install the "OpenOffice" office package

  1. To open an ODP file with OpenOffice, you first have to download the package from the Developer website download.
  2. After the download is complete, open the downloaded file with a double click.
  3. The OpenOffice unpacking assistant will then be started.
  4. Skip the welcome screen with "Next" and select a storage location where the file should be unzipped. This storage location is not yet the installation location of OpenOffice, but only represents a temporary folder into which the OpenOffice installation wizard is extracted.
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  6. Start that Unzip with a click on "Next".
  7. Wait a moment for the file to fully unzip. The installation wizard then starts automatically.
  8. First you have to accept the license agreement and click on "Next".
  9. In the next step you have to enter a username. Alternatively, you can use the default user name.
  10. Then click on "Next" again.
  11. Then you have to specify the scope of the installation. It is best to have all the components installed so that you can really use all the advantages of the program. You can exclude individual components by clicking on the triangle next to the program name and then selecting "Do not install".
  12. Also select the final storage location below.
  13. When you have set everything, continue by clicking on "Next".
  14. In the last step you can optionally create a shortcut on the desktop. Start the installation by clicking on "Install" and wait until the installation is finished.
  15. Then click on "Finish".

Once OpenOffice is installed, you can double-click your ODP file to open it. The presentation will then be started automatically with OpenOffice and you can view the presentation or edit it if necessary.

Open the ODP file with Microsoft PowerPoint

You don't necessarily have to install OpenOffice to open an ODP file. If you are already using Microsoft Office with PowerPoint, you can also start the ODP file with it. If you are using at least Microsoft Office 2007 with Service Pack 2, you can open, edit and save all OpenOffice files without additional software. For older versions you have to download and install an additional plug-in free of charge.

  1. To do this, open your web browser and download the free "Sun ODF Plugin". You can find this at, for example
  2. Once the download is finished, open the file and install the plugin.
  3. After the installation you can use all OpenOfficeOpen files, edit and save.

It can happen that Windows Microsoft Office does not automatically assign the OpenOffice file extensions. To change this, right-click on the ODP file and select the "Microsoft PowerPoint" software under "Open with". You should have an ODT file with "Microsoft Word"Open an ODS file with" Microsoft Excel ".

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