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Take a look at your CTG file

You can open your CTG file quite easily. All you need is an internal Canon program. Otherwise you cannot use the format.

  1. You will usually receive an image program when you buy your camera.
  2. Alternatively this is software installed on the camera. Now drag it from your camera to your computer or insert the software CD.
  3. Then start the software. Do not go into the program by double-clicking the file, but always open your CTG file from within the software.
  4. You have to create the path connection to your file in the menu in your program. This can be easily controlled via your camera.
  5. Open .INDD file - this is how it works

    Professional layouters in particular work with InDesign. This program need ...

  6. Once you have done this, you open the list of information and compression values ​​and can use the content for yourself.

Alternative to opening a compressed image file

There is also another way to look inside your CTG file. By means of a program, you have the option of opening this mail-compressed image graphic and reading the content it contains.

  1. Start your computer and establish a connection to the Internet.
  2. Now download the Photo Editor from the network. Sometimes an online version is also available.
  3. Now all you need is your path to the file. You enter this in the selection.
  4. Next, under certain circumstances, an error message may appear. This depends on the program version and only needs to be confirmed by you.
  5. With or without this message, you will then receive a cryptic and mostly unformatted list of the content. However, the details of the values ​​and information are easy to read for you as a professional in the field.

You can have the content of the CTG file displayed without further ado, whereby the qualitative display is of primary importance. In any case, you can open it and find access to the information if you have the pictures do not move unnecessarily and thus influence the reference of the file.

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