How do I increase my concentration?

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Whether at school, at work or during a leisure activity, there are always situations in which a high level of concentration is required. But you don't always feel able to concentrate sufficiently. But there are some exercises that can help you concentrate.

The ability to concentrate is not only an important quality at work.
The ability to concentrate is not only an important quality at work.

First of all, it is important to know that there are no magic bullets to increase concentration. That sounds frustrating at first, but it is not, as everyone is able to increase their concentration without any pills or magic drugs. It only takes a few changes in everyday life and a conscious approach to yourself.

Increase concentration in everyday life

  • Because a person's ability to concentrate has a lot to do with how receptive and relaxed it is Brain, you should get into the habit of doing a relaxation exercise several times a week - ideally daily - too do.
  • You can choose between various relaxation exercises, such as: B. Yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation or autogenic training. Attend a VHS course or buy a CD with instructions and nice music. Relaxation exercises not only help your concentration, but also your overall well-being.
  • In today's world, most people suffer from overstimulation. TV, radio, telephone, music, computer, noise - we are exposed to sound from all sides and overwhelmed with information. To protect itself, the brain switches to standby at some point and only receives new stimuli in passing.
  • Make sure that the external stimuli are less. Turn off your radio once, read a book instead of surfing the Internet, and generally be careful not to do several things at the same time. Come to rest. This will also calm your brain and be ready to concentrate on new things.
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  • You can practice concentration. Anyone who solves a crossword puzzle every day or who takes the time to read the newspaper intensively will do well The ability to concentrate is higher because the brain is used to doing something for a long time to concentrate. Increase your concentration by exercising them. How about a Sudoku puzzle instead of the evening TV program?

To improve the ability to concentrate in a specific situation

  • For example, before you have an exam or a strenuous presentation, drink a glass of water. Your head needs fluids to be able to think clearly. This then also increases your concentration.
  • Activate your left and right brain hemispheres so that they work together optimally. To do this, first draw the figure eight in the air with the finger of your right hand and then with the finger of your left hand. Repeat eights five times on each side.
  • If you want to increase your concentration in a specific situation, make sure that it is quiet around you. Switch off all disruptive factors such as the telephone, background music or the like. Hang a "Do Not Disturb" sign on your door. Who knows that he will not be disturbed in the near future can concentrate better.
  • Everyone knows the situation: You want to concentrate on something, but other thoughts shoot into the head and distract from the actual work. When you notice such a disturbing thought, mentally tell it "Stop!" to this thought and try to let it move on like a cloud in the sky. You can't prevent thoughts from popping up and disturbing your concentration, but you can make them go away quickly.

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