Why are there red lightning bolts during a thunderstorm?

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Thunderstorms are fascinating natural phenomena. Sometimes lightning is not just white, there are also red or orange ones. Read here how this comes about and how you explain it.

Thunderstorms are extremely fascinating natural phenomena. Those who are not afraid of lightning and thunder can - with the necessary caution - enjoy this spectacle of the forces of nature. But it can be observed again and again that the flashes are not just bright white, but are colored, for example red, orange or yellow flashes, sometimes also bluish and violet ones. You can find out how this play of colors comes about here.

This is how you explain how a thunderstorm develops

  1. Begin your explanation of how a thunderstorm with red lightning occurs by describing that thermal thunderstorms form when the moist warm air is warmed up due to strong solar radiation so that it goes up into the colder layers of air ascends.
  2. Then explain that as the air rises into the cold layers of the air, it cools down, creating water droplets through condensation.
  3. Now add that these water droplets rub against each other with the air molecules, creating huge electrical charges.
  4. These electrical charges are then discharged during a thunderstorm, with colored, red or white lightning and thunder occurring as an accompanying phenomenon, depending on the air conditions and the position of the sun.
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  6. Also mention that because of the different speeds of sound and light, people perceive lightning sooner than thunder.

There are red, white, and purple lightning bolts

  1. Now go into detail why there can be colored lightning, for example red, during a thunderstorm.
  2. Turn to the different times of the day that a thunderstorm occurs depending on whether it is Morning, noon or evening are the lighting conditions and the angle of incidence of the sun different.
  3. Then explain further that the sunlight can be refracted by the cloud masses like a prism, as can the The atmosphere changes color and even the reflection of the moon can have an effect on the red, yellow or purple coloration of the lightning bolts Have thunderstorms.
  4. Finally, add that the cloud types also have an influence on whether red lightning can be seen during a thunderstorm.