Mold stains on the mattress

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Mold stains are stains caused by moisture and sometimes fungus. In the mattress, mildew stains occur due to insufficient ventilation. Instead of treating the mattress with chemicals, it is better to use natural agents and ensure that the bedroom is adequately ventilated.

Mold stains - unsightly moisture stains

You probably know mold stains from old books and from wallpaper and musty textiles. But they can also be used on mattresses stains develop.

  • Mold stains are brownish to yellowish spots in old paper and textiles. They are not sublime and not moldy. The fabrics and papers affected usually smell musty and "moldy".
  • The spots are primarily caused by humidity and insufficient air circulation. It has not been clearly established whether molds are also responsible for the stains. They are often associated with mold stains, although they are not to be equated with mold stains. Mold stains occur when mold stains are not removed.

Mattresses and comforters are prone to mold staining. You can remove them without chemicals. The most important thing is prevention so that the stains do not appear in the first place.

Remove mold stains from the bed

Since you and your family will sleep in beds, chemical stain removers such as chlorine bleach are not recommended. Chlorine bleach also attacks the colors of textiles. Instead, resort to natural remedies.

Mold: what to do if mattresses are infected? - Tips for disposal

Mold is a health hazard. This already applies if it is applied to a small area ...

  • If the mattress cover has mold stains, it can be removed with buttermilk. Put this on the cover and let the buttermilk work in overnight. The next day, wash the cover at the temperature indicated on the label. Let the cover air dry - the dryer can let the cover shrink
  • The sun is the gentlest helper against the spots. It also helps with non-removable covers. Put the mattress in the sun in summer. This bleaches the stains away. For stubborn stains, pretreatment with buttermilk helps.
  • The combination of steam cleaner and sun also makes the stains disappear. First treat the mattress with a steam cleaner, then let it dry thoroughly in the sun.
  • Vinegar essence is another remedy for the stains. Rub them with a dampened vinegar essence cloth. To wash Remove the vinegar essence with clean water and let the mattress dry in the sun.

Do the mold stains go hand in hand with mold stains that are already holes in mattress have eaten or are large, the only thing that helps is disposing of the mattress.

This is a useful way of preventing stains on the mattress

Since mold stains are caused by moisture, this is regular Ventilation sensible.

  • Ventilate the bedroom regularly and thoroughly. Ventilating twice for ten minutes helps to let the moisture escape. Heating lowers the humidity in the room air. With heating and ventilation you reduce the humidity in the bedroom.
  • After getting up, fold back the duvet so that the night's moisture can escape from the mattress. Ideally, you hang the duvets out of the ventilated area window.
  • Do not use the space under the beds as storage space. The slatted frame ensures air circulation under the mattress. Underbed drawers and cardboard boxes under the bed prevent this.

The prevention of mold stains makes more sense than the subsequent removal. Make sure that mold stains do not appear in the first place.

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