Create a six-pack with Gimp

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Enhance photos by editing them with an image editing program such as Gimp. Using the means of retouching, you can not only lose weight in photos, but also get a virtual six-pack.

You can create six-packs using image editing.
You can create six-packs using image editing.

Perform image retouching successfully - this is how it works with Gimp

  • With the image editing program Gimp can you use digital pictures edit in different ways. On the one hand, you can use your photos Edit traditionally and change values ​​such as exposure or contrast as well as zoom in or out. On the other hand, you can create complex photo collages and combine elements from different images into one.
  • Gimp works like the professional software-Alternative Photoshop, according to the principle of levels. This means that you can layer different image content over the entire format, similar to transparent foils, which can have different transparent areas, from 0% to 100%.

How to get a six-pack with Gimp

  1. With Gimp, open the picture on which the abdominal muscles are to be changed.
  2. Use a search engine or a stock photo provider, for example, to search for an image that shows a person with a similar posture or posture. Shows a pose that has well-developed abdominal muscles.
  3. From the Gimp's toolbox, choose the Elliptical Selection Tool and select an appropriate area of ​​the six-pack photography. Your selection should include the chest area as well as the six-pack to about a hand's width below the navel. Copy the selection and paste it onto a new layer in the document to be edited.
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  5. Use the "Scale" tool with the two rectangles connected by an arrow to adapt the copied picture element to your original picture.
  6. On the copied image element, use the eraser tool to remove the parts of the background image on which no skin can be seen.
  7. Next, you need to try to color match the skin tone of the copied six-pack image part to your original image using Gimp. Select “Color” and “Colorize” in the menu. Now try to find the right skin tone by setting the three available sliders.
  8. Try using the Perspective Skew tool to reshape the new torso if necessary. to adapt even more precisely.
  9. If you are happy with your result so far, you can anchor the cut element to the original image so that the image elements do not slip.
  10. With the airbrush tool you can pick up the color of the original upper body and spray smooth transitions to the new six-pack. Further subtleties or You can also make transitions with the smudgeon tool, which lets you smear areas of color.
  11. You can use "post exposure" or "darkening" to increase highlights or shadows.
  12. Adjust adjacent muscle areas, such as the shoulders or upper arms, using the iWarp filter. You can find it under "Filter"> "Distort" and "iWarp". You can set the type and extent of the deformation using checkboxes and sliders.
  13. Use whatever methods you just used as needed until you are satisfied with the end result.

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