VIDEO: Growing Grass in Minecraft

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Let the grass grow

Grass can be put in Minecraft, unlike in real life, do not just sow. Anyone who wants to grow entire areas of grass must therefore resort to other means and take advantage of the properties of the virtual plant. In Minecraft, grass only begins to grow when the plant has already colonized an adjacent earth field. You therefore implement your project as follows:

  1. The first step is to prepare the future green area for the grass. To do this, replace all the blocks that should later be overgrown with soil and ensure that there is sufficient lighting. Grass carpets in interiors or even caves cannot be implemented without sufficient light.
  2. Now look for a patch of earth that is already green. The closer this place to the target area, the better, as your project can be turned into reality more quickly.
  3. Next, you need to create a dirt path that, like a moat, leads from an already greened piece of land to the area where you want to grow grass. In Minecraft, it now takes some time for the plants to spread along the path.
  4. For example, if you are planning to create a roof garden, you will have to create an earth staircase instead of a path. The individual steps may only be one block high, otherwise the grass will not grow any further.
  5. Minecraft melons can thus be grown successfully

    In Minecraft you as a player have a lot of opportunities for free development. …

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Notes on green spaces in Minecraft

  • As I said earlier, vegetation needs enough light to thrive. However, that does not mean that plants in Minecraft cannot grow indoors or caves per se. Decorating a room with torches can create enough light to make grass grow. Alternatively, you can build the roof and parts of the walls from glass.
  • There are two types of grass in Minecraft - tall and flat. The higher version is pretty to look at and fortunately can be made to grow by a trick. Simply use bone meal on a block of grass to make the plants soar. Ground bones act as fertilizer.
  • If grass alone is not enough for greening, you can build a hoe. If a block of grass is worked with it, arable land is created. Other plants can then be grown on it.
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