Open Works with Word

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Works saves the files with the extension wps. You can of course also easily open these with Microsoft Office Word.

Open Works files with Word
Open Works files with Word © Marko Greitschus / Pixelio

Most of the new ones computer Microsoft Works is already preinstalled. With this office package, simple tasks can be done excellently. For more complex work, however, Microsoft Office more suitable. Works files that have already been created can also be used without any problems Word to open.

How to open Works files with Word

  1. One way to open Works files with Microsoft Office Word is to use the Windows Explorer to search for the appropriate files. Text files are saved in Works with the file extension wps.
  2. As soon as you right-click on such a file, you can click on "Open with" in the context menu.
  3. There you will find the entry Microsoft Works Word Processor as well as Microsoft Office Word.
  4. Then you only need to click on Microsoft Office Word to open the wps file and the Works file will appear in the Word work area.
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Open Works files directly from Word

  1. You can also open Works files directly from Word.
  2. To do this, start Microsoft Office Word. At first an empty work area appears.
  3. Then click in the upper left corner of the Word menu and select "Open". The file browser then opens.
  4. Then find the Works file that you want to open and click on the "Open" button at the bottom.
  5. Above the "Open" button you will find another button labeled "All Word Documents". As soon as you click on this button, a list with different document types opens.
  6. Here you can choose “Works”. Then only Works files will be displayed in the file browser. This will help you find the file you want to open with Word much faster.

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