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If you want to build a cube out of paper, you don't have to use scissors and glue. Folding with is much more elegant origami.

Fold a cube of paper

  1. In your square piece of paper, fold the two diagonal lines and a line that bisects the square horizontally as markings.
  2. Using the horizontal line, fold the sides between the top and bottom triangles, creating a four-layer triangle, also known as a swallow. Lay the long side towards you, with the tip pointing away from you.
  3. Now bend the two lower corners of the triangle towards the tip. Be sure to only use the top tier. A two-part square is created over the triangle.
  4. Fold the two halves of this square with the outer tips on the center line. At the top you can see two small triangles. Fold them down and put them in the pockets created on the right and left in the previous step.
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How to build the second half

  1. Turn the paper over and recreate the last two points in the description for this side of your origami cube as well.
  2. The result is a shape that has points at the top and bottom and sides to the right and left. Fold the two tips toward you, toward the middle and back again, so that crease lines appear.
  3. Find the hole at one point and blow briefly and forcefully into the folded paper so that a cube inflates.

Don't be disappointed if it doesn't work the first time, the cube takes a little practice. One illustrated instructions can be found to look up as well as one Photo guide.

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