Gmail is down

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Gmail is a free offering from Google. You can check your e-mails from any public computer, tablet or mobile phone with internet access. If the server cannot be reached, this can have different causes.

If you would like to use Gmail for your electronic mail, setting up and using the program is usually very easy. All you need to do is sign up for Google, an alias for yours e-mail- Define an address that has not yet been assigned, and then you can use Gmail. If the server cannot be reached, this can have different causes.

You can reach Gmail via the homepage of the search engine

  • If you want to use Gmail, just go to the search engine homepage. If you have logged in, you will find the entire range of Google offers in the upper bar. Click on "GMail" to check your mail.
  • You can check your mail on any computer with access to the Internet Has. It can also be accessed from a tablet PC or a mobile phone. When accessing a public computer, you should make sure that you log out again. Otherwise strangers could read your e-mails and also write e-mails.

When the server cannot be reached

  • If the server cannot be reached, this is usually due to your browser. Problems are known, especially when using Firefox. If you use this browser to access the Internet, you should uninstall all extensions and plug-ins. Unfortunately, just deactivating them is not enough.
  • It is best to use a browser that is supported by Google. This is Internet Explorer on Windows and Safari on Mac. You should also configure your settings so that cookies are accepted.
  • Link your Google account to your mobile phone - so you can read your emails on the go

    If you want to check your Gmail emails on your mobile phone, you have to ...

  • Make sure your Flash player and Java are up to date and activate Java. Then emailing with Gmail shouldn't be a problem anymore.

You can be relatively safe if you switch the browser from Google, Chrome, use. This one is on the Search engine and the other functions of Google and you shouldn't have the problem that Gmail cannot be reached.

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