How do I get more followers on Instagram?

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With social networks, it is a great art to get more people to follow your own site through your own content. There are various ways in which you can gain followers on Instagram.

In 2012, Instagram became known to many users who were not familiar with the photo sharing service, which has recently also been used to publish videos. Facebook bought the small company for a three-digit million amount plus a share package and thus secured the favor of even more users. You too can make your own Instagram presence better known to others and gain a lot of followers.

Draw attention to yourself on Instagram

The alpha and omega of attracting attention to yourself on Instagram and getting as many followers as possible is of course the quality or the extraordinary thing about the photos posted.

  • Basically, you can only upload pictures and videos with your smartphone on Instagram. You set up an Instagram account for this after downloading the Instagram app in iOS or Android. You can start uploading images.
  • Take photos with your phone camera via the Instagram app and choose a filter that you think best suits the subject or mood. Creativity is required here, because the processing decides whether the followers like it.
  • With great motifs, such as unusual places, animals or situations, which are adapted through a suitable filter, draw attention to yourself on Instagram and are sure to get one or two likes from others Users.
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How to get more followers through networking

  • In order to get as many followers as possible, it makes sense to view the images posted online by users who are already popular Like, because many people see that you like the pictures yourself and thus some on your page on Instagram lures. If they then like their own pictures, the chances are high that they will become followers.
  • You can also post pictures online on Facebook via your Instagram app, which is very easy to do via the app, which at the end asks you whether you want to post on Facebook.
  • You can also get more followers if you post up-to-date photos online with Instagram and add a hashtag to the description. Link this description with yours Twitter-Account, so if you post the link with a description and hashtag on a current topic, it will also attract more people. The rule here is that the picture should fit the hashtag thematically in any case, otherwise users will quickly get annoyed.

Last but not least, an important tip: don't overdo it with the frequency of new ones pictures to put it online or to point it out on other social networks such as Facebook. You should only use very special images for this, as otherwise followers can quickly get annoyed.