VIDEO: Use the mobile phone as a webcam

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Chatting with a webcam is even more exciting and real than just writing to each other. But if you don't have a notebook with an integrated webcam and don't have a normal webcam, you can check whether your mobile phone can be used as a webcam. With some cell phones it is possible to install them as a webcam. With the right software, the mobile phone can then be connected to the computer and the chat program quite easily.

So you can use a cell phone as a webcam

  1. If you have a modern camera phone, you can usually use it as a webcam. Download or buy special software that allows data to be transferred between your mobile phone and your computer.
  2. There are various programs for this, which are also of different prices. Mobiola Web Camera and WebCamera Plus are available for download, for example.
  3. After the download, part of the software will be installed on your mobile phone. You install a special driver on your computer. Your PC can access your mobile phone camera via this driver, which is important in order to be able to transfer a picture from the mobile phone to the Internet. This is the only way to use it as a webcam.
  4. You can then make various settings, such as the compression rate and the image quality, so that you get an optimal webcam image. Then enter your mobile phone as the webcam in your chat program. The connection between the mobile phone and the chat program can then be established via Bluetooth or, depending on the type of mobile phone, via WLAN or UMTS.
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You can save yourself the purchase of a conventional webcam and (with the exception of image transfer via USB cable) you can even chat wirelessly with your mobile phone, which would not be possible with a normal webcam. The only disadvantage of being able to use the software to use a mobile phone as a webcam is not yet available for free. You can only use such a program as a trial version, sometimes for a few hours, free of charge, after which a one-time fee is also due if you want to continue using it.