Remove red cast from brown hair

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You cannot influence your hair color with natural means. You can only remove or remove a reddish cast from brown hair by over-dyeing it. make it invisible for a short time.

Hair color can be changed by coloring it.
Hair color can be changed by coloring it. © Grey59 / Pixelio

What you need:

  • Hair tint
  • possibly Hair color
  • possibly old clothes
  • possibly old towel
  • possibly Barber
  • shampoo

Remove visible red cast from hair with tinting

Most of the time, a visible red tinge can only be seen in brown hair when exposed to direct sunlight. If you don't really suffer from it, your health should be hair For the sake of sake do not try to permanently remove it by constantly toning or dyeing it.

  • You have the option of using a hair dye to remove a reddish cast in brown hair. The color must be darker than your hair color. A tint is not permanent, it washes out more each time you wash your hair. The advantage is that that Tones does not stress the hair as much as dyeing.
  • In drugstores you can get hair color that you have to mix yourself in a bottle. This allows you to remove the red cast from brown hair by making it invisible. Before applying permanent hair color, consider old ones clothing Carry and have old towels ready.
  • Protect the skin Your face with a grease cream. Possibly Any paint that runs down can then be removed more easily.
  • If you have help coloring your hair, it is guaranteed that all hair on the back of the head and neck area will be colored.
  • Remove hair tint - this is how you can strip the color of your hair

    The hair color has unfortunately not turned out as you wanted? No problem. The tint ...

  • After the prescribed exposure time, rinse the hair until the water runs clear. Then you should apply the treatment contained in the pack and also observe the exposure time here.

The hairdresser sets color accents in brown hair

  • A hairdresser uses conditioning products to remove a reddish cast from brown hair. Again, you can choose between tint and durable color. It is also possible to color individual strands of hair in order to distract from the red cast.
  • Please ask the hairdresser for advice on a good shampoo. Using a shampoo for colored hair makes sense because it is composed in such a way that it does not change the applied hair color.

Using a special shampoo is also important if you have colored or tinted your hair yourself.

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