VIDEO: Cooking bread dumplings in a steamer

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Advantage of preparing bread dumplings with steam

  • The classic preparation of dumplings from bread or bread cubes is in steam. It used to be common practice to tie the napkin dumplings to the handles of the pot and cook them in the steam. Only later did the dough changed by adding flour that he im water could be cooked floating.
  • Bread dumplings disintegrate easily in water, especially if you let it boil too vigorously or if you did not allow the dough to swell sufficiently. This problem does not exist in the steamer.
  • The idea that bread dumplings taste bland in the steamer because they cannot absorb the salt from the cooking water is wrong. The cooking water is salted so that it cannot wash the salt out of the dumpling dough. Steam doesn't wash out salt, so this fear is unfounded.

Recipe for bread dumplings prepared in the steamer

You can easily prepare all bread dumplings in the steamer. However, you must first soak them in warm salted water. Since the bread dumplings cannot disintegrate in the steamer, it is possible to dispense with adding flour.

  1. Cut the onion into small cubes and sweat them with a little butter and, if you like, with finely diced pork belly.
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  3. Finely chop the parsley and dice it bun. Put the bread in a bowl.
  4. Warm the milkuntil it is almost boiling and pour it over the bread cubes. Put the onions or add the onion and bacon mixture, as well as the parsley.
  5. Let all the ingredients soak for about half an hour before using the Eggs and mix in the remaining spices and knead the dough well. If it seems too firm, add a little more milk.
  6. Shape ten Dumplings from it and place it in the steamer. Leave the bread dumplings in the steamer for 25 minutes. Select the setting steam or Vital level. So only cook with steam, not with hot air.