Lay plastic lawn grids

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Often people are looking for something that increases the stability of lawns a little, for example to ensure that an area is drivable or used as a walkway. The so-called lawn grids are particularly recommended here. They guarantee this concern and are quite inconspicuous.

Lawn grids stabilize the ground.
Lawn grids stabilize the ground.

What you need:

  • Filter fleece
  • grit-containing sand
  • Lawn grids
  • gravel
  • Lawn seeds

Of course, it is not possible to simply lay these lawn grids on the surface. A lot of preparatory work has to be done here so that the result can be seen later. You can get the accessories you need in any hardware store. The work itself can be carried out easily by every DIY enthusiast.

Lawn grids protect the ground

  1. First, you'll need to dig about eight inches of soil from the area or path you need to create a bed.
  2. Then fill this with a layer of fine gravel to a height of about 15 centimeters.
  3. To separate the layers and at the same time the growth of weed To prevent this, apply a so-called filter fleece to it.
  4. A layer of about 5 cm made of a mixture of sand and grit is then placed on top of this fleece before the laying begins.
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  6. Plastic lawn grids are easy to lay because they are nested together. If necessary, you can easily process these with a jigsaw. Make sure, however, that the lawn grids are level with the ground after laying.
  7. To get even better stability, you can lay the lawn grids diagonally. This makes them even more resistant to stress, such as when driving a car.
  8. Now fill the honeycombs with good mother earth and apply the lawn seeds.
  9. It is very important that you water the area regularly so that you get good growth.
  10. After the race have grown and the lawn grids have settled well, you now have a stable and unhesitatingly resilient subsurface.

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